The world's top 11 largest luxury watch

 A. Lange & Sohne Glashutte originated in small towns in remote mountainous areas of Saxony El disabilities, engraved with "A. Lange & S? Hne" Mark Lange watch because of its fine craftsmanship, perfect craftsmanship, unique ideas and traditions reflects the prestigious and world treasures known as the watch; fine craft and watch manufacturers created great enthusiasm in this unique luxury brands

Urwerk unique time display mode, known as the avant-garde brand of watches and clocks. The company adopted advanced mode of thinking, by drawing on the tradition to create his own watch brand. Watch from the brand's young and innovative design team, the complexity of the internal structure is unprecedented in the watch industry; Urwerk watchmaking brand indicates the trend. 

1875, JulesLouis Audemars and EdwardAuguste piguet two young people to work together to create a sensation in the world of the Audemars Piguet watch (Audemars Piguet), which is the world of the unexpected. The two childhood friends of fine watch making cherished great enthusiasm, and eventually developed a recognition by the world of luxury watches. Bold design, the construction of luxury and beauty rather watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet is the source also makes it critic, royalty and heads of state of the pet. 

In the early 20th century, Officine Paneral Royal Navy in Italy under a special commission, the Department of Defense developed precision optical and mechanical instruments. Lack of time clocks, in order to meet the complex requirements of the Navy, Panerai to develop a fiduciary can withstand the extreme conditions of any timer. Today, Panerai watches have become world-renowned brand, and highly praised by watch connoisseurs. 

What is the distinction between different brands? Why can derive a series of TAG Heuer brand, such as TAG Heuer Formula (Formula 1), Monaco (Monaco), Carrera (Carrera), SLR, or Grand Carrera? Why TAG Heuer is the only accurate to 1 / 10 sec, 1 / 100 second and 1 / 1000 second luxury chronograph, and is accurate to 1 / 10000 second timer? The reason is simple: it is like humans, have DNA. This unique combination makes the distinction between human beings; This shows that we have since birth, on the combinations of DNA from the parents and where a certain genetic characteristics. 

About Zenith, like walking into the artist's studio; because only in the moment, you almost invaded a "secret garden." Carefully cut from the board, to watch the exquisite assembly; structural engineers from the mechanical movement plans to the artist's clever design; everywhere can enjoy their beauty. Carefully selected from the alligator to the CNC machine; its external contour, the entire watch design; each step is to create beauty and there are efforts to perfect product. 

1775, Abraham Louis Breguet Breguet developed the brand table; the brand not only has a long history and tradition, also known as the fine watch industry, the watch industry leader. Even the most prestigious competitors can not help but lament their superb skills, and their great contribution to the watch industry. 

"If possible, do better; possibility is always there" - this is Vacheron Constantin's corporate motto. Vacheron Constantin manufacture of precision watch the secret is: a century technology and modern process of combining science and technology watch. As the oldest watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin for its craftsmanship, the art of harmonious design and the perfect finishing ideas continue to show a superior charm 

Richard Mille watch the world's top brands dare to break with tradition, follow the revolutionary watchmaking technology, developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch well-known world. In the automotive and aerospace industries excitation, Richard Mille watch the use of the most revolutionary technology and materials, each exquisite detail. Its new watchmaking concept is obsessed with experts, to be valued by watch collectors 

Patek Philippe respect for tradition and vision for the future, is a real "hand-watch" every step of its manufacture are under control. Patek Philippe is an independent family business in the design, manufacture and assembly of the world's top watch has full autonomy. The watch brand from generation to generation, known as the noble and refined into a model of watch. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre has 175 years of historical heritage and watch art, innovative features and unique style is the perfect combination. Jaeger-LeCoultre watch manufacturer in the history not only enjoy the absolute leadership, but also to the process from idea to maintain an independent design and production. It's noble women and the perfect fusion of innovative style of each product family table of the essence. 

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