FRANCK MULLER 7562 New Curvex

FRANCK MULLER 7562 New Curvex
7562New Curvex 
18K rose gold, diamond, colored hand-painted markers, ruby crown.

Beautiful and neat lines, in 1987 FRANCK MULLER hands and whispered a perfect birth. Curved three-dimensional curvature and charming, really push the cause of the peak will FRANCKMULLER so Cintree Curvex series become a brand symbol the classic. Rose gold watch, rigorous close to diamonds, the charm of the perfect appearance of femininity. Digital time on the surface, painted on a dozen different colors. Time is a color, youth is beautiful, life is sweet like sugar-coated packages. In the ladies wrist in the 7562 New Curvex Color diamond table, we learned FRANCK MULLER extraordinary philosophy of life.


2011 autumn and winter underwear playing the "little fresh"

Very sexy, sultry London High winter underwear brand Agent Provocateur 2011 playing "small fresh", Joseph Corre did pass a lovely mother Vivienne Westwood can have interesting elements of a character genetically related. "Fish scale" like lace and the "pure" range of children's retro print bra perfect bouquet impeccable. However, this autumn and winter series may not be specific on the design itself, but as long as LOOK BOOK shot felt, will still sell for.


Anniversary Watch

Danish King Christian and Queen Louise wedding anniversary watch

Danish King and Queen Louise Christie An Jiushi, during the reign of Queen Victoria, rather roughly. As mentioned in particular need to look at historical facts, Christie An Jiushi was first married to the queen begged. However, when the British royal family did not seriously in Denmark, so Christie An Jiushi courtship can only die a natural death. Later, he won the Princess Louise of Hessen-Kassel, raising six children together.

At the 25th anniversary of their wedding anniversary, the Queen Louise decided to a Patek Philippe pocket watch gift to her husband. 1640 Swiss francs worth the watch, by the Queen in October 1867 purchased.

This memorable pocket watch, dial 47mm, made ​​of gold, inlaid with dark blue enamel. It has 45 type of rose cut diamonds, L and C to form words. In addition, there is still a unique watch design, an enamel ribbon through the letters L and C being inscribed with the marriage of monumental time --1,842 and 1867. Carved into a table covered with enamel portrait of Queen Louise.