GRAFF Color Jewelry Series

GRAFF Diamond on Diamond series Yellow diamond and ruby and sapphire necklace with diamond

The "king of diamonds" colorful reputation GRAFF launch the drill on drilling (Diamond on Diamond) series to meet the arrival of summer, the colorful modern women employees, and offer summer jewelry accessories.

White diamond oval ring

Sense of style on the diamond drilling of high-quality white diamond accompanied by all kinds of precious stones and lively colors, including yellow diamonds, Yan Jiao, fiery ruby and sapphire deep for diamonds and had a flashing white icing on the cake, is also the summer to add a little movement and energy.

 Yellow diamond with white diamond earrings
Inspired by nature, streams rivers and streams, gentle trickle of water to move if wan to form a vortex Bowen became the blueprint for jewelry design. Series of jewelry design was double bottom with a yellow diamond or ruby or sapphire pavĂ© made​​, just like the river bed is generally full of mysterious atmosphere. Is based on different sizes of white upper spell the Bowen-type diamond pattern, just like water thrown up by the gentle gurgling whirlpool, the interpretation of the diamond, the more dazzling light bloom, dazzling heart. A variety of eye-catching colors of yellow and red against the background of the blue gem inspired by a beautiful white diamond splendor, sparkling, as if in praise of nature's beautiful and harmonious.

Sapphire with a white diamond cufflinks
Whether sporty necklace and pendants, earrings, or earrings sultry hearts, but also the atmosphere, or bright ring, chosen by the skill of craftsmen hand crafted, with extraordinary design against the background of each other, showing a stylish atmosphere, has no shortage of master's style, worthy of the modern woman named summer jewelry accessories is the best choice.

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