FRANCK MULLER 7562 New Curvex

FRANCK MULLER 7562 New Curvex
7562New Curvex 
18K rose gold, diamond, colored hand-painted markers, ruby crown.

Beautiful and neat lines, in 1987 FRANCK MULLER hands and whispered a perfect birth. Curved three-dimensional curvature and charming, really push the cause of the peak will FRANCKMULLER so Cintree Curvex series become a brand symbol the classic. Rose gold watch, rigorous close to diamonds, the charm of the perfect appearance of femininity. Digital time on the surface, painted on a dozen different colors. Time is a color, youth is beautiful, life is sweet like sugar-coated packages. In the ladies wrist in the 7562 New Curvex Color diamond table, we learned FRANCK MULLER extraordinary philosophy of life.


2011 autumn and winter underwear playing the "little fresh"

Very sexy, sultry London High winter underwear brand Agent Provocateur 2011 playing "small fresh", Joseph Corre did pass a lovely mother Vivienne Westwood can have interesting elements of a character genetically related. "Fish scale" like lace and the "pure" range of children's retro print bra perfect bouquet impeccable. However, this autumn and winter series may not be specific on the design itself, but as long as LOOK BOOK shot felt, will still sell for.


Anniversary Watch

Danish King Christian and Queen Louise wedding anniversary watch

Danish King and Queen Louise Christie An Jiushi, during the reign of Queen Victoria, rather roughly. As mentioned in particular need to look at historical facts, Christie An Jiushi was first married to the queen begged. However, when the British royal family did not seriously in Denmark, so Christie An Jiushi courtship can only die a natural death. Later, he won the Princess Louise of Hessen-Kassel, raising six children together.

At the 25th anniversary of their wedding anniversary, the Queen Louise decided to a Patek Philippe pocket watch gift to her husband. 1640 Swiss francs worth the watch, by the Queen in October 1867 purchased.

This memorable pocket watch, dial 47mm, made ​​of gold, inlaid with dark blue enamel. It has 45 type of rose cut diamonds, L and C to form words. In addition, there is still a unique watch design, an enamel ribbon through the letters L and C being inscribed with the marriage of monumental time --1,842 and 1867. Carved into a table covered with enamel portrait of Queen Louise.


Gold-plated luxury car inventory

Jaguar XJS platform, based on the Aston - Martin DB7 by the famous designer Ian? Test Haslem design, which listed in 1994, has now been DB9 replaced, but so far it remains the Aston? Martin sales record, then it is relying on this model, Aston? Martin was able to recover from the brink of death.

Now, the British manufacturers of personalized products tailored to an Alchemist DB7 cost of the most significant modification, they are not installed on any of the DB7 aerodynamic package, there is no increase horsepower. As the name of the company Alchemist (Alchemist), they DB7 car body in a 24K gold plated! Earlier, the company is a Bentley Continental GT produced a gold-plated roof, and now they work on the DB7 extended to the whole body, in addition, the car's front and rear bumpers, side skirts and mirrors etc. all use platinum plating. It's not finished, this car also mounted on the DB7 has seven diamonds.
This car jeweled Aston - Martin DB7 will be unveiled at London Earls Court MPH classic cars and high performance auto show, there are 200 or so show car will be attending the show. Top Gear will be broadcast live reports this. But Alchemist did not disclose this "modified" the amount of cost, but also did not disclose this car DB7 has no buyers.


Cartier's most popular watch styles

Cartier, synonymous with exquisite luxury, the desire to list on the essential luxury good things. Let us be traced back to 1847, a talented jewelry masters - Louis-Francois Cartier founded his empire. Since then, Cartier to create works of art, is Europe's emperors were eager to wear, can be described as "king of jewelers, jeweler of kings."louis vuitton wallet replica

Early 20th century, Cartier jewelry business continue to founder's heirs to take care of Mr. Cartier, when they have been in Paris, London and New York's fashion capital to open a boutique market. Cartier jewelry based on the field success, the company began to create a luxury watch collection.

First watch: Cartier's first watch was born in 1904, named Santos - named after the "Father of Aviation" the reputation of famous Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont. Two years later, in 1906, Cartier launched its first jewelry watch. In 1910, Cartier designed a groundbreaking way of folding buckle wear, its unique patented technology.

Tank Series: Cartier Tank series released in 1917 after the great success and has become the most successful Cartier watch styles. The unique design of the watch to receive praise from numerous, and, to a large extent affected the other watch brand's design ideas.

Waterproof watch: In 1933, a North African Moroccan elite to order a Cartier watch, require the use of both swimming and when you can see the time of the functional requirements, thus, Cartier created its first piece of waterproof watch. The watch from the pure gold, very eye-catching appearance.

Today, the founder of the brand based on the design concept, the continuity of a Cartier luxury watches myth. Louis Cartier and personal with iconic design features a burst of many innovative ideas. Later, many of the brand's color line, more or less standing and with reference to Louis Cartier designs.

Among the many watch the series, in particular, need to mention the following most popular watches:

Pasha Waterproof Series: Pasha originally referred to the Ottoman Empire and North Africa, senior civil and military officials in the title. Moroccan Pasha of the above-mentioned wear a watch while swimming with special requirements, making Cartier created a waterproof watch the final series.

Tonneau Series: Tonneau, the barrel-type French, that English in the barrel, the beginning designed for women, men will soon also be welcome. Cartier has become a mainstream series.

Bagnoire Oval Series: Baignoire, French bath meaning, a symbol of the female-specific. Origin is the Duchess of Windsor preference for oval, Cartier has a new specially designed oval-shaped watch.

Diabolo Series: 1992 Series watches launched Diabolo with Chrono Reflex movement style, then this series with a pen, writing fluency and superior shape for highly sought after.

Finally, the legend of the Tank series. Origin is the Louis Cartier in World War I by the west line of the new Renault tanks inspired achievements of this war a great design aesthetic.

Tank watch series square led a wave of the trend, its innovative design and extraordinary people to win the heart. Watch in three different specifications, combined with the appearance of the characteristics of its shape spread widely, including quartz and automatic mechanical watches, it is almost as well as the Cartier brand synonymous with traditional French elegance。  preowned louis vuitton handbags


SUV / Convertible / Coupe: Passat three new models

CC facelift will be launched in 2012, launched the next generation of CC in 2015

Recently, media exposure of the next generation Passat cars in the planning situation. 2015, the public will usher in a new Passat family or a member of the family have now Volkswagen Passat sedan, station wagon and CC models, the future addition of a coupe, a convertible sports car and a SUV.

     Public a manager named Georg Kacher Passat family is studying the future of the layout, according to plan, updating the Passat B8 will be launched in 2014. In fact the market in 2005 can be called sixth-generation Passat, the so-called 7th generation is only a mid-term facelift, we can put them into a generation. Truly significant new generation should be released in 2014 B8-generation products.

     From now on, according to plan, the public will be the first listing in 2014 and travel version of the sedan version of the new generation Passat, which will first meet the basic needs of users, then there are higher and more personalized for the needs of customers, the public has prepared three new models: that an SUV, a coupe and a retractable hardtop design with convertible sports car, while the CC model will be put aside.

Passat SUV imaginary picture

 The new SUV model, the initial plan was listed in 2016. It will be the Chattanooga plant in the United States, the future may be exported to Europe, or expected length of this model will be close to 5 meters, using seven of the layout.

Passat Coupe imaginary picture

Passat Coupe models play MQB platform will be further development of the plastic strength of this approach can be developed in parallel with the scale advantages of significantly lower production costs. Volkswagen Passat Coupe next two will be a 2 +2 structure, although the CC model the next generation may not be introduced, but the concept of cash CC will be transplanted to the Passat sports car in the next two to go, the roof design will more flat.

Both new models will also make extensive use of chrome and polishing materials, gives a high quality feel. Not the same as with the Audi A5 is the future of the Passat coupe will use no B-pillar design, so the car all four windows are perfectly down, this feeling will make people think of luxury sports car.

 Imaginary picture Passat Cabriolet
t is reported that, Passat will adopt the hard-top convertible sports car design, but is technically simpler than the EOS cash, because cash Volkswagen EOS of the roof using a five-stage, on the one hand is too complex, the other is not conducive to maintenance. The future of the Passat Convertible will learn from this lesson, is expected to adopt a three-stage folding roof, so better able to control volume, so that the luggage compartment space, not crowding too much.


Royal jewelry from Russia visual feast

Early in the 18th and 19th centuries, European nobles had begun to make jewelry with semi-precious stones, but at that time still a few people can have power, until a few decades ago bulgari will bring the trend, and later by the family at the helm dior jewelry victore Ms. skilled brilliance, cartier, tiffany & co. Fueled, semi-precious stones jewelry has become a favorite of middle-class women.

Peak FABERGÉ of the 19th century, more than 500 artisans studios, was an authority on jewelry

Brand founder peter carl FABERGÉ hundred years ago a Russian court of Queen goldsmith
FABERGÉ provide us with experience from the aristocracy
FABERGÉ hippocampus shaped jewelry

FABERGÉ red and green gemstone earrings

FABERGÉ white fantasy wide bracelet     


Four colorful cool watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Folie des Prés treasures fine jewelry watches

Folie des Prés Series is Van Cleef & Arpels to the ever-changing nature of tribute. 18K white gold case set with round diamonds and sapphires, contrasting colors with simple lines and a variety of shapes, showing the characteristics of light and vivid flowers. The small flowers as the theme of the series, the mysterious garden add unlimited colors. Series, each petal is inlaid with precious stones: round diamonds, pear-shaped or horse-shaped eyes of semi-precious stones are meticulously cut to suit the shape of petals, shows a summer bud.
BIJOUMONTER to reproduce the classic fantasy world, William Shakespeare's comedy - Midsummer Night's Dream, in order to convey the real drama scene, for the first time using a variety of colored stones to create splendor of blooming odd color colorful dream in Shakespeare's ideal, extending from the case significantly up or down, from a variety of colored stones are arranged in graphics, poke mist as a surprise to the hearts of fantasy into the mood of Shakespeare, as the forest vivid green peridot vine; red garnet as rare flowers bloom ; Amethyst is the story of mischievous elves love water with the juice of flowers deployment; yellow crystal like the end of the night to greet the dawn is about to dawn; transparent and pure topaz represents the whole of Qinliang dream illusion. Get this form, will also have a sense of reminding us of scenes midsummer dream?


Earl Limelighte Garden Party Jewelry Table
Platinum Marquise case, inserts 34 and 10 Marquise diamond emerald cut, the assembly of Earl 56p quartz movement, mother of pearl dial with white, emerald green leaves was indiscriminate, as the grandmother's green garden grow dripping all kinds of plants, and if the grandmother in the kitchen had just brewed a good bean soup, poured a bowl of good smoothie in just planing system, is the most anticipated and memorable afternoon tea.

18k white gold case, bezel diamond cutting arc, no one can replace, must have a different curvature to match the diamonds, the dial is a scattered mosaic of red and green stones, casual and visually balanced, colorful fruits like hard candy. Case under a rotating shaft week, CARROUSEL translated as "Carousel", mischievous and romantic, this summer, there are untold edge, make you feel happy dizziness. 


Future trends No door car

Ten years ago, George Barris, who first tried the door handle no hidden set design and use of electronic locks, for a time, car designers have a sudden interest in the hidden door handles Daihatsu. So there were many such as gull-wing doors and other practical design, especially in the concept car even more so.

Consult on this issue has been Volvo's design director Peter Horbury, he explained, it seems the car designers, car doors automatically open is the future trend of development. Admittedly, they from the "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" to get some inspiration.

Designers how to make drivers "could not find the door," the study this way. Cadillac C TS-V high-performance coupe in the advertisement referred to a special hidden door handle design, an alternative to traditional door a touch electronic control design, which makes the body more concise lines, and omit the body and door contact seems to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

CTS - V is not the first one using stealth door handles Cadillac, 1999 edition of the Cadillac Evoq concept car has succeeded in hiding the door handle, when the design has been called "a combination of art and science." 2004 XLR. The Corvette production vehicle use is the same design.

Even in other brands some of the more low-end models can also see no door handles. Such as modern Veloster, the designer of this model has a sports car in order to ensure the general dynamic lines, the doors designed to black, flat shape, looks almost negligible. Nissan Juke in a similar way to the two rear doors hidden in the black rear window of the window frame, the first glance thought it was one pair of door sports car.

Hidden in the handle in the C-pillar method is not new, and in 1990 launched a four-door version of the Nissan Pathfinder and 2001 Alfa Romeo 147 have been used.

In fact, the role of door handles like a car with people shaking hands, it is played as the effect that, to some extent it can show the door handles car features. Volkswagen New Beetle door handles round circle of the brain is very cute, reminiscent of Mickey Mouse always wear gloves, a pair of small hands.

In general, the more expensive the car, the door difficult to open.

New McLaren M P4-12C of the door is not so easy to open, you will need to insert a hand has been extended to the rear of the inlet groove.

Mercedes - Benz SLS AMG integration of door handles and door usually only use the remote control will automatically pop up when the key turned. This is designed to the 1955 Uhlenhaut coupe salute, also used cars that gull-wing doors with flat handle.

Audi A8 will be hidden in the car door handle side of a front panel.

Today, the remote control door technology has been widely used, as long as the electronic key within the range, the owner can remote control the door in the finger. There are no door handles, is not so important.

Cigar with wine: three gin cocktails Recommended

Although gin originated in Holland, but after the improvement of British innovation, the "London dry gin" gin hand, a leader in the field, so the market common to most of London dry gin gin. The selection of cocktail-based wine, not just because of their common, but also because the Dutch gin compared to the sweetness and rich aroma, London dry gin is more suitable for cocktails. To bring out the aroma of gin, cigars of people specially selected from the Cuban San Cristobal de La Habana cigars with matching series.

Gin Tonic + La Habana Oficios
 Gin Tonic is a gin cocktail called the most basic but also a classic. Ice Cup, Daniel pour a little ice, then cut a lemon peel anti-crowded, so you can squeeze it into the sauce to slowly emit fragrance of lemon peel flavor. Then add 30ml dry gin, tonic water poured into the cup until full, stir slightly, avoid too much force, in order to avoid air bubbles attached to the above dissipated.
Gin Tonic lemon aroma while in La Habana Oficios the front, its rich bubbles, while the rapid cooling of oral temperature, so Oficios clear and white pepper, orange peel texture contrast slowly out of the gin gin unique to Hong gas will make you feel whole cigars are full of fresh vegetation taste.
Classic Dirty Martini + La Habana Mercaderes
First, the end of the wine with the horse day Niwei rinsed the cup again, squeeze lemon peel, add a few drops of vermouth and 10ml of olive juice, Daniel explained that this is to balance the lemon flavor. Then after adding 60ml of dry gin, stirring, filtered, and finally you can use olive decoration. Method using harmonic modulation of the Zhezhi Dirty Martini Martini taste obviously, to savor the wine and gold will appreciate the mixture of olive aroma comes out.

And this wine is a bit fishy salty muddy taste best with a full on the La Habana Mercaderes, the same mineral rich flavor of the cigar, in the light emitted after the black soil-like aroma and sour taste salty. Burning to the middle of a strong coffee flavor highlights the Dry Martini cocktail in the aroma, dry gin and cigars after the section of the bitter taste of bitter is very good together, to bring you a wonderful taste.
Singapore Gin Sling + La Habana Muralla
This is a lot of cocktail materials, including dry gin 40ml, 10ml cherry brandy, 15ml Cointreau, 15ml lemon yellow, 5ml when the wine, 45ml fresh pineapple juice, 5ml brown sugar, oil and a little soda. Will shake the ingredients into the pot in order to reconcile shake, filter into the cup, the last to do to complete a decorative fruit.

Not to drink, it will be a breath of fresh pineapple smell taste, the entrance gives a feeling of icy sweet, maybe more girls will love this, whether its colorful appearance or taste.

The flavor is quite intense tropical cocktail of tropical fruits have so full of almonds, dried fruit aroma of La Habana Muralla is particularly magnificent, the whole cocktail of sweet and slightly bitter in the sense of let this have a strong taste of the cigar becomes moist and well-behaved up, while the cigar taste of dark chocolate after a section of dry gin in the unique collection has been a perfect interpretation of the results.


4 Fun deformed wrist watch trick

In the movie "Transformers" in a fragment: actor liked to watch people look at his bike old Chevrolet Camaro cars in the next second it becomes a robot can walk upright, from the shock into the envy of expression. In fact, if you only want to do this, can have a "distortion" of the watch would be sufficient.


Jaeger-LeCoultre superior complex functions on three sides flip watch 

 This outstanding complex features the world's first flip on three sides, three sides can watch a different space, showing three kinds of time to look, are the daily, three different astrology and calendar time. In addition, the watch is equipped with a positive isometry elliptical structure of the tourbillon escapement. This watch has 18 impressive complex functions, and apply six patents。

Montblanc watch Villair 1858 Series Metamorphosis

Piaget Limelight Magic Hour watch

Earl's work has always been a novel idea to win, but the Limelight series of fine jewelry watch is an eye-opener for you, the original can watch the same people as the technology products of surprises. This watch is "deformed" The trick is to make earl Workshop developed the stealth secret agencies, the rotary dial, you can bring three kinds of wear completely different experience. What could be wearing this kind of "deformation watch" more exciting it?