SUV / Convertible / Coupe: Passat three new models

CC facelift will be launched in 2012, launched the next generation of CC in 2015

Recently, media exposure of the next generation Passat cars in the planning situation. 2015, the public will usher in a new Passat family or a member of the family have now Volkswagen Passat sedan, station wagon and CC models, the future addition of a coupe, a convertible sports car and a SUV.

     Public a manager named Georg Kacher Passat family is studying the future of the layout, according to plan, updating the Passat B8 will be launched in 2014. In fact the market in 2005 can be called sixth-generation Passat, the so-called 7th generation is only a mid-term facelift, we can put them into a generation. Truly significant new generation should be released in 2014 B8-generation products.

     From now on, according to plan, the public will be the first listing in 2014 and travel version of the sedan version of the new generation Passat, which will first meet the basic needs of users, then there are higher and more personalized for the needs of customers, the public has prepared three new models: that an SUV, a coupe and a retractable hardtop design with convertible sports car, while the CC model will be put aside.

Passat SUV imaginary picture

 The new SUV model, the initial plan was listed in 2016. It will be the Chattanooga plant in the United States, the future may be exported to Europe, or expected length of this model will be close to 5 meters, using seven of the layout.

Passat Coupe imaginary picture

Passat Coupe models play MQB platform will be further development of the plastic strength of this approach can be developed in parallel with the scale advantages of significantly lower production costs. Volkswagen Passat Coupe next two will be a 2 +2 structure, although the CC model the next generation may not be introduced, but the concept of cash CC will be transplanted to the Passat sports car in the next two to go, the roof design will more flat.

Both new models will also make extensive use of chrome and polishing materials, gives a high quality feel. Not the same as with the Audi A5 is the future of the Passat coupe will use no B-pillar design, so the car all four windows are perfectly down, this feeling will make people think of luxury sports car.

 Imaginary picture Passat Cabriolet
t is reported that, Passat will adopt the hard-top convertible sports car design, but is technically simpler than the EOS cash, because cash Volkswagen EOS of the roof using a five-stage, on the one hand is too complex, the other is not conducive to maintenance. The future of the Passat Convertible will learn from this lesson, is expected to adopt a three-stage folding roof, so better able to control volume, so that the luggage compartment space, not crowding too much.

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