Ladies Watch the latest Summer 2011 trends

A woman's style and beauty, so passionate in the summer season, needs to be more detailed and perfect grooming. Among the mix of products, the watch has a Rain or shine, ice-like beauty, quietly guarding the corner, waiting for a nice ring to the back and encounter. Compared to flooding in the city's jewelry, she looked more independent, noble, unique.

To give women the female form, not just endless charm, it is the perfect interpretation of the female character and personality. Diamond has always been elegant and eternal theme of the female form, as Bulgari watch the enchanting and luxurious snake; and handsome neutral fashion watch has gradually become the new darling of women, Patek Philippe will use simple and generous ladies first declared a super-sophisticated watch features the return of women's independent spirit; implies deep historical precipitation of enamel table is watch the "noble", Van Cleef & Arpels on the moon in mind the amazing people already restless; the sudden emergence of this watch eye-catching high-tech new material suction eye, titanium and high-tech precision ceramic Chanel J12 with the perfect ranking steal the show in the major high-tech wrist Miss Xiang Zhao constantly show their exuberant good! 2011's summer, so we slipped out of the jewelry, new favorite watch!

Jewelry, "Lafayette": shiny elegant still unbeaten 
Bulgari watch snake, the embodiment of enchanting

Eternal theme of the female form must be with the "diamond jewelry" can not avoid, either decorative or full scale diamond drilling point of the case, what will not make people feel out of date. This summer the female form, in addition to diamonds, like it did back a little subtle elegance. Contours, the use of different materials to create both simple and elegant beauty. Another point of concern, and now consumers are not concerned about the female external morphology, mechanical rhythms of a charming, simple and functional guidance for life has become a new round of attention to their points. 

To the "vase" say No:Function and artistic equally important  
Patek Philippe ladies first Both beautiful and practical

Superficial "appearance" decision on outdated, purchased a watch, function and appearance are equally important. For women, in the end what is really practical? Dial absolutely be regarded as a practical function: date, week, calendar, when the two ... ... In addition, the real utility lies in the "transformation" between the extremely convenient removable strap, makes one remember shape, can enhance the entire body with a role in the design, these are the women to find a quarter after quarter of a single product key.
Female consumers not concerned about the external morphology, mechanical rhythms of a charming, simple and functional guidance for life has become a new round of attention to their points. Word: summer wear a watch, do not choose the "vase."

Summer "zero defects": Details determine success or failure 

 Van Cleef & Arpels moon,There is no more perfect than the details of its interpretation of the

The table is now bigger and put in some effort, a lot of brand products introduced is no longer male and female form is just a smaller version of the table so simple, small changes in the details of the brand and the consumer has kept up to become intoxicated. Wristband design, the number of diamonds, color harmony, and other small details, female consumers have moved gradually become the "killer."
As priceless enamel on the table, the confusion between a small enamel paint, often can make to a table value has increased, which is enamel charm and value. A variety of difficult process, plus just the right bit of detail between, from scratch, from there to the United States, such as honor its accompanying owned a summer, that is how excited!

The future, "Zero": high-tech swing for 
Chanel J12
Chanel J12 watch high-tech ceramic titanium steal the show this year, many people feel the texture of this great new J12, is due to the new material. Design do not talk too much, J12 was born in 2000, when the red out of hand, this year the market has already withstood the test of various aspects and impacts are very mature products. Directly under the guidance of her, more and more businesses are added to the "high tech" watch the battlefield.

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